This is The place where fear disappears

Did you have that feeling when speaking in front of people?

  • Makes you feel uneasy
  • Things which you would like to convey become unclear to you
  • You start to miss the words which you well known
  • You feel ridiculous in a position which somehow doesn’t fit the place
  • Maybe you feel lost when standing on a stage
  • Are you looking for some generic bloat content which has nothing to do to which you originally wanted to convey
  • Are you Looking for a way for a way to get out from the place quickly
  • Feeling vulnerable
  • Feeling paralyzed

This is my friend experiencing all the symptoms of the stage fear!

Now let’s multiply this by the fact that English may not be your native language, and the challenge looks like even harder to bear.

But don’t worry, the mission of Speaking Elephants is to combat each of these inconveniences by empowering you with proven techniques on how to overcome them.

This is How!

On our meetings you will have an opportunity to:

  • Be in the friendly group of people
  • Speak in the front of the people
  • Improve the way how you speak with a help of Toastmasters learning path of your choice
  • Receive anonymous feedback after your speech to identify areas in which you can seek improvement
  • Make a small steps to fully prepared speeches
  • Prepare and lead a meeting
  • Train a speech without any preparations on our Table Topics Session
  • Meet the people which all share the same problems
  • Meet advanced speakers and get their feedback
  • Get access to Toastmasters Learning Paths
  • Gain access to Toastmasters community which grows intensively beyond the club

Every Tuesday 18:30
Dom Kultury Kadr, Room #115 (Akapit)

Our achievements

International District contests winners and finalists:

  • 2020 Magda Olechnowicz, 2 place International Speech Contest in English.
  • 2020 Adel Batretdinova, 3 place Humorous Speech Contest in English.
  • 2020 Daria Stasiak, finalist Evaluation Speech Contest in Polish.
  • 2021 Dorota Ucieklak, finalist Evaluation Speech Contest in Polish.
  • 2021 Daria Stasiak, finalist International Speech Contest in Polish.
  • 2022 Cyryl Topalov, finalist Humorous Speech Contest in English.
  • 2022 Cyryl Topalov, 1 place Humorous Speech Contest in Polish

Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) – the highest educational award

  • Milena Paluchowska – the third club president.

Outstanding Toastmasters – the devision level award for leadership

  • 2021 – Viktoriya Tudoran
  • 2023 – Milena Maciuszko

Every Tuesday 18:30
Dom Kultury Kadr, Room #115 (Akapit)