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Our club’s mission is people. Our organization’s founder, Dr. Ralph Smedley, once said, ‘Ours is the only organization I know that is dedicated to the individual’.

We strongly believe in those words and work together to bring out the best in each of us. Speaking Elephants is a place that provides its members with the opportunity to grow and learn.

We simply get more speaking done before 8:30 than most people do all day. This is what our Elephants expect, this is why they stay and bring friends. The numbers follow the people, as it should be. Our club provides an encouraging environment so that those who are not accustom to speaking can feel at ease. With portions of the meeting like table topics, the meetings are often fun and filled with excitement. Joining us you can grow both professionally and personally.

You are around individuals who want to improve their communication skills and more importantly want you to improve your communication skills as well. One of the things people notice about our club is how different not only the speeches are, but how different and varied the background and ages of the participants is.

Enjoy some of our Club members’ speeches from the comfort of your own home! What makes our club one of the premier public speaking groups in Poland is the quality and diversity of the topics of the speeches that you will hear. Another aspect of the Speaking Elephants Video Resources is the fact that our speeches are usually followed by evaluations. By actively listening, providing reinforcement for the speakers’ strengths and gently offering useful advice, we, as a Toastmasters Club, motivate members to work hard and improve. By giving feedback, we are contributing to our fellow Club members’ improvement. Preparing and presenting evaluations is also an opportunity to practice listening, critical thinking, feedback and motivation skills.


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Summer is gone and it took warm and shiny days with itself. Autumn is slowly taking its turn permeating our bodies with coolness, so reminiscent of the recent sunbathes. Day is giving way to night and heat to cold. For most of us the moment of rest and regeneration has ended and the new cycle of work and progress either already took off or soon will. This is a good moment to summarize our previous year and make conscious, informed, and well-thought plans for the year ahead and, therefore, to set our internal machinery as to meet the demands of the future. And there's no better place to do it than at the Speaking Elephants meeting, among toastmasters and friends. The toastmaster of the evening will be our long-time and kind-hearted member, Sudharman Ezhil, who, for all of you who didn't enjoy the holidays enough, brought some hot and bright sunrays from his home country, India.

The hard days are coming, the struggle is inevitable. No doubt many of us will fall once or twice. Lets meet tomorrow to learn how to get up. Lets fall, and then, rise up like never before!
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Lets fall!

September 27, 2016, 6:45pm - September 27, 2016, 8:45pm

Toastmasters Speaking Elephants

Summer is gone and it took warm and shiny days with itself. Autumn is slowly taking its turn permeating our bodies with coolness, so reminiscent of the recent sunbathes. Day is giving way to night and...

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Konkurs Mów Humorystycznych i Odpowiedzi na Gorące Pytania - J5 ... See MoreSee Less

Konkurs Mów Humorystycznych i Odpowiedzi na Gorące Pytania - J5

September 17, 2016, 11:00am - September 17, 2016, 2:00pm

ulica 1 Sierpnia 8A, 02-134 Warszawa, Polska

Czy lubisz się śmiać? Czy chciałbyś zobaczyć wystąpienia na naprawdę wysokim poziomie? Teraz masz okazję to zobaczyć za darmo! Najlepsi przemawiający z pięciu klubów Toastmasters, zmierz...

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When we were announcing the contest we weren't joking. This was a true rollercoaster of entertaining inspirations and inspirational entertainment. The contestants were merciless in their humour. They didn’t let our abdomen muscles rest and relax, not even for a second. Since the sound of the first bell we were sliding a steep road of sharp jokes and killing punch-lines. Some of us still struggle to get those bananas off the face.

In the first part of the evening we run the Humorous speech contest. First spoke Jacek Bukowicki, who introduced a world that was an upside-down turned version of our social reality. A world in which gender roles were inversed, and where women would hunt men for future husbands and men would wheel the prams with kids in local parks. In second speech Jarosław Galuba tackled the existential dilemma of making the right decisions showing that often life is a gamble and if you want to be a good gambler you better know the dices you roll. The last contestant, Roman Gudym, told about his past adventures on hitchhiking, the funny and exciting aspects of the not so comfortable moments of sleeping on a bench in the local park, and how he finally managed to reach his dream destination – Paris.

In the second part of the meeting we run the Table Topics contest. We had 5 contestants and each had to answer the question “How would the world look if all cities had a stairway to heaven?” The ideas were many, but the ones that took the crown of the impromptu masters were about angels leaving heaven to enjoy the earthly life of simple pleasures and great parties. Those stories, totally by coincidence, were told by the first and second place winners, although each in a differently funny way.

The results of Humorous Speech contest are:
1. Jarosław Galuba
2. Roman Gudym
3. Jacek Bukowicki

And the results of the Table Topics contest are:
1. Jacek Bukowicki
2. Aleksander Sikorwski
3. Jarosław Galuba
4. Gautham Suresh
5. Dmitry Latushkin

Its important to note that the competition was really tough - in both contests we had to resort to tie-breaking judge. We would like to thank all contestants for taking part in the contests and wish good luck the two first winners of each contest further on the road, because they will represent our club at the Area level of the contests. That’s all folks for now :)
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The Year of the Dragon - 24 January 2012

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Here, in Speaking Elephants, we all win. We win, because at every meeting, we use the opportunity to improve. We push ourselves out from our comfort zones to stand and perform at the stage. And every time, even if just by a little bit, we grow.

The toastmaster of the last meeting, Antoni Jakubowski, a champion of its own, is the shining example. During the evening he told the stories of struggling competitions. Stories of other, famous people, as well as his own. He spoke about different opponents, both in flesh and mind, but the most difficult of them all that anybody can meet is… you yourself. And that’s the story of your lifetime. Literally, because it starts when you are born and ends with your death.

What a marvelous journey it is, always a one of its kind, and the more energy you invest in shaping and driving it, the more unique and exciting it becomes. Antoni is a living proof of that. Despite his age he pushes himself beyond his limits over and over again and wins rewards in the form of exhilarating experiences of far travels and thrills of Toastmaster’s contests that often ended with medals.

We had three prepared speeches that evening. First, Jarek, delivering the project “Organise Your Speech”, explained the trap of false dichotomy, carefully guiding us through the labyrinth of illogical thinking, and, at the end, illuminating the way out with the lamp of rational reasoning. In the second speech Wojtek kept us firmly on the ground by sharing pragmatic strategies for effective goal accomplishing – in order to be successful you have to always focus on two of the three following factors: fast, good, and cheap. The last speech, from the same “Get to the point” project as in the case of previous presentation, Joanna spoke about the courage to fulfill your dream plans, because only then you can become truly happy, and officially announced that she has just left her job in order to launch a startup business. Bravo Joanna, we all congratulate you and wish for the best!

This evening was another crucial, historic moment for both the club and the individual - in particular, our long time member, Sebastian Pasternacki. Sebastian made another large step on the road of Toastmaster’s speaking progress by achieving the title of Advanced Communicator Silver. Great work Sebastian!

The warm up is behind, now it’s time for the show of exciting competition – the Humorous and Table Topics contests, which will be held at the next meeting. See you there! :)
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The Year of the Dragon - 24 January 2012

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Humorous Speech Contest

September 6, 2016, 6:45pm - September 6, 2016, 8:45pm

Toastmasters Speaking Elephants

Are you ready to have the fun of the year? Hold tightly your bellies and cheeks, because here comes a bumpy ride of cry-out giggles and shivering chuckles. Whether you are an expert joker or want to ...

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