Anna Witkowska Secretary

ania1Anna Witkowska – Secretary 2013/2014, Club President 2014/2015

Ania is kind of a person who always does her very best. She represented our Club in Evaluation Speech Contest in English on the Division level (Poland). She was a VP Education for the Toastmasters year 2010/2011, Treasurer 2011/2012, Secretary 2013/2014 and now she is a new Club President Elect.


1. How did you join Speaking Elephants in the first place? What brought you here?

I was invited to the club by my friend Martin in October 2008. At that time I was looking for a new job, I wanted to do some networking and meet new people. I thought that people here may be very formal and wear suits for every meeting (laugh). To my surprise people were open, friendly and smiling.


2. What you found so valuable in Toastmasters that you are still coming almost every week?

The relationships, meeting new people. During each meeting we share our points of view and emotions. Speeches are about what fascinates us, they’re about knowledge and people. It’s also the way how Toastmasters helps me improve my communication and leadership skills while fostering self- confidence and personal growth.


3. You took part in latest International Evaluation Contest, why?

My first, contest was a challenge and a new experience, I could test myself and perform before the new audience. I encourage everyone to do that. Evaluation Contest is a good option for the beginners because it requires less preparation than the Speech Contest, it’s more about the technique that we are learning during meetings. I’m planning to take part in International Speech Contest next year.


4. Which advanced speeches manuals have you chosen? Do you recommend it?

I’ve chosen “Specialty occasion speeches” and “Specialty speeches” manuals, because they’re friendly to a speaker and close to everyday life situations. They include such projects as introducing a speaker, impromptu speech, toast praising a person and giving/receiving awards.


5. What are your plans for the future in Toastmasters club?

I’ll share my goals for the next Toastmasters year after the first meeting of the new Executive Committee. Besides of my role of Club President, I want to achieve Advanced Speaker Silver Award and start new manuals.


Above all, my vision is to keep Speaking Elephants the place where we can grow together.