Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- September 13th

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” – Immanual Kant.

What is that instant fascination, fondness and amusement we have for animals of different species?

Our last meeting titled: “Pets” tried to answer this and many other questions concerning wild animals and household pets in particular. We heard stories about cats with thumbs, cats that were trained by the CIA during the Cold War to be top secret operatives, Russian scientists that in the early 1950’s created a new super pet, and dogs that appear to be rude to other dogs because they don’t understand their language.

During the Club Business part of our meeting, our President, Milena Paluchowska, shared with us a riveting speech on the occasion of our Club recently reaching 30 members!!!

Milena spoke about how far the club has come along in the last year, its unprecedented participation and enthusiasm of our officers and members. She thanked all the members who went that extra mile to make the club a success. It is wonderful to know that our Club is in good hands and we are on a good way to achieve the pinnacle of club achievement— President’s Distinguished Club.

The best proof of that statement is the fact that we had three Ice Breaker speeches to be evaluated by three experienced members of the club. Piotr Goławski, evaluated by Michał Paluchowski, told us about compromise in marriage on holidays; Helena Przybyło, evaluated by Mirek Grybalow, spoke about her personal philosophy and philosophy in life, and Justyna, evaluated by Milena Paluchowska, about the second habit of highly efficient people: choosing the roles you want to realise yourself in life.

The Table Topics session included a debate on the merits of cats vs. dogs and vice versa; a heartfelt argument of a dead cat to St Peter to let him into Heaven; and a monologue by a person marooned on a desert island, spoken to their dog upon the unhappy occasion of preparing to kill it and turn it into food; featuring the following immortal quote: “so, tell me, do you prefer to be boiled or to be fried?” The Table Topics master played the roles of both St Peter and the dog.

Please join us at our next meeting: Humorous Speech Contest & Table Topics Contest!!!