Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- September 27th

„Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate.” – Zhuangzi


At our Tuesday meeting Beata Stepaniak stepped up for her first time as Toastmaster of the meeting. Her theme was “flow.” Beata shared with us her insightful observations on happiness and persuing life goals, leaving many with plenty of food for thought.

Speeches were given by Jarek Piotrowski, Adam Jeziorski and Michał Paluchowski.

Jarek held his Ice Breaker, titled “Doing What You Love”, and spilled some beans about himself, his farawell to corporate world, and his new business venture. Should Jarek go about his new startup as enthusiastically as he did in his ice breaker, he is doomed to make his idea a great success soon. Congratulations on your first speech, Jarek!!!

Adam advanced with his 2nd CC project – Organize Your Speech, titled “The Memory Remains”, and evaluated by Ania Witkowska.

Michał presented his 3rd CC project – Get to the Point, evaluated by Iga Korneta. Michał is continuing to build on his surprising strength as a motivational speaker. This time he spoke of the benefits of having a brisky, morning stroll, and how much it boosts our mental ability. For sure many of us from now on will follow in his footsteps.

We also welcomed our newest, 30th member of the Speaking Elephants family, Maciek Sowinski. We wish Maciej all the best in our club, and look forward to listening to his talks soon.

We hope Beata found the experience of being Toastmaster of the evening interesting and fun. We certainly appreciated the positive energy she brought to the meeting.

After the meeting many of us visited a local pub to have more great time.

Video recording of the speeches and evaluations to be shown soon.