Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- October 4th


“A man of eighty has outlived probably three new schools of painting, two of architecture and poetry and a hundred in dress”.- Lord Byron

Meeting ‘Architecture and Construction’ on October 4, 2011, hosted by our experienced Toastmaster and former President, Mirosław Grybalow, was a great, well-structured meeting with many interesting turns.

Not only did we hone our speaking and leadership skills, but we also learned a lot about, a foreign to most of us, world of architecture and construction, as well heard a first-hand description of a 10 day meditation trip in search of the inner truth and pure awareness – Chris Bollinger’s project 7th CC.

For sure, it will be one of the most memorable presentations we ever saw. Chris used a few books, a child’s toy as a prop, and gave us a sample of the meditation technique, and literally held the floor. Some say that they indeed could see a halo over Chris’s head (picture below:))) when he briefly managed to attain peace of mind. Tricky thing to do, especially when speaking in public.

Iga Korneta, CC, and our Vice President Membership, presented her Successful Club Series module “Creating the Best Club Climate”, which was later evaluated by Milena Paluchowska CC, CL. Iga did a terrific job, ran a questionnaire (which we soon learned, confirms the good standing of our Club)

Iga carefully analyzed all the conditions that affect our meetings, members, attitudes toward our club, and the willingness of guests to join. Her meticulous presentation also included the physical surroundings and the feelings and vibes that people transmit to each other. Although the overall assessment was more than favourable, we all agreed that we cannot rest on our laurels, but must continue to work hard.

The Table Topics session was, for the very first time, led by Iwona Ksiądzyna. She handled the job very well. We hope to see Iwona take on some other meeting roles soon.


Overally, the meeting was a great eye-opener. We hope to have a few more like that by the end of this year!!!

Check our ‘view our speeches section’ soon for the recordings from the meeting.