Angels&Demons Special Meeting 21st October

We had a ghastly great time at our special Angels& Demons party meeting on 21st October.

Thanks to our host, Iwona Ksiądzyna, we spent a great evening full of spooky speeches, creepy costumes, and lots of other tricks and treats. Our festive holiday atmosphere was further enhanced by costumes- we were visited by such visions as: the Hell boy, the Dracula, Devil, Black Fallen Angel, Cyclop, Chucky, the Dark Priest, and many other creatures.

Iwona did a great job both as host, welcoming us with a bowl of her delicious home-made goulash, and as the ‘ScareMaster’ of the evening.

The semi-official part of the evening was a great opportunity for all of us to practice some public speaking. As usual we expected to hear a round of regular speeches, followed by a Table Topics Session, instead of that we witnessed, can be best described as live performances by the most talented entertainers in our Club. Milena Paluchowska and Anatolii Mykolenko made our hair stand on end with their scary stories, which we listened to in total darkness of the room.

Piotr Pióro, though, ran The Impromptu Murders Table Topics Session, where each participant was given one line and would have to weave a story from. The winner of this and the costume contest received the prizes and recognition of the audience.

After that, our D.J of the evening, Michał Paluchowski, put on some spooky tunes, special playlist for the event set the mood, and nobody could help but have a great time dancing.

Speaking Elephants, for sure, know how to throw a festive Halloween party. Check out our photo gallery. Hope to see you next time:)