Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- November 8th

“Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening.” — Dorothy Sarnoff

The November 8th meeting, titled : “Honour and loyalty in family life”, was a proof itself how strong a quality fidelity is among our Club members when it comes to our Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Club and Toastmasters Idea:)

Indeed, our number one vow- “Thou shalt frequent Tuesday meetings, and favour no other errands before Tuesday weekly Toastmasters meeting “- is alive and kicking:), as our reular meeting room was filled with people.

Mirek Grybalow, our Toastmaster of the day, did a great job running the meeting smoothly and timely.

We listened to two speeches.

Jarek Piotrowski, in his 2nd CC project – Organize Your Speech, told us that although Halloween may be well behind us, still we are scaring the be-sequined pants off ourselves every single day.

How? In Jarek’s view, we simply listen to our deeply rooted fears that keep us stuck. Those self-imposed obstacles hold us back from reaching our personal and professional potential, and therefore most of us fear working on their own and setting up their dream business.

Michał Paluchowski made a presentation from the Successful Club Series module “Evaluations”. Michał reminded us all of the few most important qualities of a good evaluation. We could learn that the best evaluations are a combination of praise, areas for improvement, and specific suggestions, avoid absolute statements and what is most important, are specific.

The Table Topics session was run by Iga Korneta. Iga with scientific precision crafted a bunch of great Table Topics that not only gave us a good opportunity to practice our impromptu skills but also left us think deeper about the subjects she touched upon.

See you soon!