Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- November 15th

What would you think if a black cat crossed your path? Or if you accidentally dropped your mirror and it shattered into a million pieces?

Well, the 15th November meeting “Signs, Omens and Superstitions” hosted, first time, by Anatolii Mykolenko tried to find answers to those and many other questions. We learnt that there are superstitions surrounding just about anything you can think of. Many people believe them to be true and will base their entire lives around them. While others think they’re just old wives tales or made up nonsense.

Even though we all kept our fingers crossed for Anatolii, there was no need for that as he did pass his exam as a Toastmaster of the day with flying colours. We hope to see him soon in this role again, so he would prove it was not beginner’s luck:)

We had 3 speeches scheduled for that day:

Iwona Ksiądzyna had her 3rd CC project – Get to the Point, titled “Emotion and Reason”, where she briefly introduced us to the realms of our mind, and reminded us that there is very little reason in all we do and a lot of emotions. In one word, Earth has little to do with the planet Vulcan, and we with Mr Spock.

Helena Pryłowska, in her 3rd CC project, titled “Fail Again” told us how underestimated failure is in our lives ,and how important is to occasionally stumble on our way to better ourselves. Michał Paluchowski, did a great job evaluating the speech. Check yourself following the link below.


Iga Korneta presented her 2nd project from the Advanced manual Humorously Speaking – Leave Them With a Smile, titled “Lazy Japanese and Thieving Germans.” As it is difficult to write about humour, you will be better off yourself witnessing this great performance, just follow the link to the speech and evalation below.



The Table Topics session was led by Mirek Grybalow CC, CL. We had a few laughs watching the fortune teller session, and litening to many strange answers to even stranger questions prepared by Mirek.

So, do not, I repeat DO NOT walk under a ladder! Spill some salt, break any mirror, so you will savely arrive at our next meeting this Tuesday. See you there!