Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- November 22nd

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”. – Albert Einstein

November 22 meeting titled ‘Talent’ was hosted by a newly-minted Toastmaster, and our new talent Helena Pryłowska.

We had fun this evening! Helena chose a great theme for our weekly session that really challenged our creativity, and made many of us realize their true potential.

We had 3 great speeches this evening.

Adam Jeziorski presented his 4th CC project – How to Say It, titled “Don’t Waste Your Time”. For sure, no one in the audience had a feeling that they were losing their time when listening Adam reminding us that time wasted is, in fact, life wasted. The speech was generously embroidered with quotes by late CEO&founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

Piotr Pióro in his 5th (and final) CC project – Your Body Speaks, titled “ Magic Bullets-How to seduce women”, give all the gathered a crash course on how to improve their game and dramatically increase chances with women. If you want to become an ultimate alpha dog, the speech below is a must:)


Milena Paluchowska CC, CL presented her 3rd project from the advanced Entertaining Speaker manual – Make Them Laugh, titled “Dummy’s Guide to Lousy Parenting.” Milena in a funny and entertaining way gave us very useful tips on parenting, and how we can learn to be an even better parent watching our parents’ pitfalls. Check it with your own eyes and ears.


We also had a new member join our swelling ranks!

See you soon!!!

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