Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- December 13th

“Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves”. – Eric Sevareid

The theme of our December 13th meeting: “Xmas Gift” was introduced by Iwona Ksiądzyna, in a very professional manner. This was the first time she was Toastmaster of the Day and it was a really great job. Well done, Iwona!!

She did not realize until the meeting was over that she was doing the role for the first time. Iwona taught us that taking on the duty of Toastmaster for a meeting is easier than most people would think, even if they have done it for the first time.

Our first speaker was Maciek Sowiński. Maciek delivered his 2nd CC project – Organize Your Speech, titled “Coffee”. His speech worked, as the title suggests, just fine, giving everybody a most welcome energy boost in the gloomy winter evening.

The second speaker, Anatolii Mykolenko, took us on a journey through the human body, with his 5th CC project Your Body Speaks, titled “Interesting facts about the human body”. Anatolii again proved that even the most complex ideas and topics can be amusing if treated that way!

Iga Korneta CC, CL was the third speaker of the evening. Iga presented her 5th project from the advanced Speeches for the Management manual – Delivering Bad News, titled “Offshoring”. Iga did a great job, and nicely cushioned the unfortunate news, leaving the listeners with a feeling that, in fact, the unfortunate turn of events may be just a blessing in disguise. Iga is on a fast track to becoming a proficient public speaker, and we are happy to see her progress so fast!!

The Table Topics session was prepared by Rafał Komorowski CC, and it was a real Christmas treat for all of us!!.

It was another great evening. Full of fun and lots to learn and take in as well!

Please visit us during our next VERY special Christmas meeting held in Południk Zero cafe ( on Wilcza 25. The theme of the meeting will be: “Sharing”. We hope you join us to share with us Season’s Greetings and a glass of champagne! More information soon.

Our Club will visit that great venue, with a ‘ traveler’s soul’ ,second time. One time was not enough. Visit our photo gallery from that memorable evening: