25th January meeting titled ‘poetry’

Today’s meeting was not only full of unexpected twists of events but also a proof how resourceful our Toastmasters are, a proof that themes of our meetings can influence and inspire us to better ourselves. Dorota and Milena showed us that poetry is, despite a common belief, not a forgotten art.

Dorota’s poem on Toastmasters:

The voice.

You’ve got your voice

And a choice

To make it clear

If there is silence

Somebody will not know the truth

You’ve got your voice like no one else

If you stay away

Somebody will lose the way

You’ve got your voice

and a choice…..

Milena’s impromptu poem task:

Some criticize you, some praise

Some appreciate you, some hate

But just remember, whoever you meet

There’s a whole wonderful world out there

to greet.