Kick-off meeting of 2012 – 3 January 2012.

Those, whose New Year’s resolutions for 2012 are to improve their speaking and leadership skills, gathered that Tuesday evening in our usual location in Koszykowa 79 room. 213.

Believing Woody Allen claiming that: “ Eighty percent of success is showing up”, Piotr Pióro, our  man at the helm that day, had a pretty easy job to do and he fulfilled his 20% share pretty well, making that meeting as friendly and encouraging as possible.

What initially looked like an unfortunately bad start of the very first session of the year, as two planned speakers for that evening didn’t make it to the meeting, in fact later, turned out to be a good opportunity to practice and build our impromptu skills by filling in various roles within the group; all of those skills used by professionals in the work-world every day, and therefore making that meeting an even more beneficial, true-to-life learning experience.

Piotr’s good intentions (theme of the meeting) backed up by a strong team of helpful&enthusiastic Toastmasters turned that meeting into an hour-and-half-long learn-by-doing workshop where participants honed their speaking and leadership skills.

Iga Korneta CC, CL gave us a speech from the Advanced Manual: Speeches by Management – Communicating Change, titled “Global warming”. Her aim was to make us all aware of the fact that Global warming is no joke. She used copious statistics that made all of us think twice before dismissing global warming as somebody else’s problem. We also found out what each of us can do to slow down or reverse the trend.


Table Topics session was run by Jarek Piotrowski, who challenged us with some really tricky questions, making 5 lucky chosen ones sweat off all the extra calories they worked so hard to gain during Christmas;)