Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting – 10 January 2012.

EVERYTHING in your life you have attracted .. accept that fact .. it’s true” – quote from the Secret.

Our last meeting titled ‘Secret’ was a real success, both for the Toastmaster of the day, Beata Stepaniak, and our speakers. The tenet of the meeting was the assumption that the universe is governed by a natural law called the law of attraction which is said to work by attracting into a person’s life the experiences, situations, events. Therefore, positive thinking and feeling positive create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness.

One could not defy that ancient rule, witnessing Beata’s positive thinking and good nature manifest in the way our meeting ran.

Michał Paluchowski delivered his 7th CC project – Research Your Topic, titled “Lose that Buddha Belly”. The speech was both entertaining and educational, the combo we all love Michał for. In no time we will see our Club Members shape up, and then change the Club’s name to the Six-pack Toatsmaters:)

Ania Witkowska presented her 10th CC project – Inspire Your Audience, titled “Added Value”. Not only did she add up to her repertoire of great speeches, but also taught us a lot. By completing that project Ania joined our hall of fame of CC speakers. Great job!!, Ania.

Milena Paluchowska CC, CL presented her 4th Advanced Entertaining Speaker project – Dramatic Talk, titled “How I Met Death”. Milena’s speech helped us all keep in mind that the Entertaining Speaker is also a good storyteller. Those gripping 10 minutesincluded narration and dialogue among the characters, great imagination, and that little undefined something that always makes Milena’s speeches fly.

In turn, Wojtek Pisklak and Jarek Piotrowski must have shared similar thoughts that made both win the Table Topics session run by Adam Jeziorski. Congratulations!! Keep thinking that way, and the Universe will smile at you.

The meeting was also a great opportunity to see one of our brightest stars shine – Iga Kornetta reached her Advanced Leadership Bronze. We all know how much hard work she put in that achievement, let alone positive thinkingJ Congratulations, Iga!!!

We hope that the positive vibe among our Club Members will attract even more brave speakers next meeting. So come, join us and witness the greatest secret of public speaking- practice.