Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting – 17 January 2012.

‘If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulder of giants’. – Isaac Newton

Last meeting’s theme was ‘Leadership’—urging us to find an answer to the question what true leadership is.

An excellent choice of a topic, thanks to our Toastmaster of the day, Anna Witkowska, to start off our new year!  Ania, as usual, did a great job running our meeting, which this time hosted 26 Toastmasters enthusiasts and welcomed guests.

We heard 3 speeches that evening.

Kasia Wdowiak did a great job delivering her Ice Breaker titled “Me on my way to Toastmasters”. The best summary of her speech are the words of her evaluator, Milena Paluchowska: “Best Ice Breaker I’ve ever heard,” and “I couldn’t believe it was an Ice Breaker!”, as well as a round of ovation that cascaded throughout our venue once Kasia had finished. Congratulations, Kasia!! Keep it up!!

Jarek Piotrowski delivered his CC4 project – How to Say It, titled “Learning fast”. Being a direct response to a phenomenal speech by Helena Prylowska about overachievers.  Jarek told us how to boost our learning curve and make most of our time studying. Indeed, Jarek made great progress himself as a public speaker, therefore his words were even easier to believe. As the saying goes: ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. We hope to see Jarek onstage soon!

Iga Korneta CC, ALB presented her 4th Advanced Speeches for Management project – Communicating Change, titled “Agendas”. She urged us to give up on the idea of a written agenda, and I have a feeling that her message was vibrant enough to make even the most traditional paper-agenda addicts give up their toxic habit.

The meeting served also as an opportunity to host elections to our executive committee, as our VP PR, Piotr Pióro, decided to leave his function after over 13 months of doing a splendid job for the Club. Since Peter joined, he has relentlessly publicized the club across multiple platforms- online via a website, online via videos recording key scenes from meetings and events, via word of mouth by networking with influential characters in the Warsaw scene and finally by organizing unique events which marry Public speaking with fun public events. We are very sorry to see him leave.

The new VP PR, Iwona Ksiądzyna, received 100% votes. Congratulations, Iwona!!

Iwona, a linguist and PR specialist by education, is a person who is bound to lead the Club to the President’s Distinguished club level, which will mark the next step in our Club’s fast development.