Our meeting January 31, 2012 was hosted by Ania Witkowska CC.
Ania invited us into the world of mass media. She told us and we all agreed that there is too much depressing information all around us. Fortunately, Toastmasters magazine is full of useful information and great stories. See the latest digital edition: http://www.toastmasters.org/magazine.aspx.
During the meeting we had 3 speeches scheduled:
•    Naska Mitreva kicked off with her CC1 Ice Breaker project, titled “My Crazy Life in Bulgaria”, evaluated by Wojtek Arciszewski,
•    Helena Pryłowska followed with project CC5 – Your Body Speaks, titled “Noise”, evaluated by Jarek Piotrowski,
•    Mirek Grybalow ACB told us a story from the Storytelling Advanced Manual, project 1 – Fol Tale, titled “The Wounded Seal”, evaluated by Piotr Pióro CC.
The Table Topics session was prepared by Vlad Lykhota.
Come and join us at next Tuesday.