Toastmasters Leadership Institute in Katowice, 27-29 January, 2012

TLI was not only an occasion to meet club members from all Poland, but it was an excellent chance to get to know a lot about Toastmasters International and its management of District level.  About 100 Toastmasters members met in Katowice.
Trainings, meetings, discussions with many club members and parties made our time in Katowice excellent.
Małgorzata Cibor advised us how to prepare a conference and informed us about the polish translations of the Toastmasters textbook. Polish language will be an official language of Toastmaster International and polish textbook will be soon available. Great news is that there will be an International Polish speech contest this year held the District 59 Spring Conference Poznań 25-27 Mai 2012.
Joanna Chmiel taught us how to make the information about Tomastmasters public.
Milena Paluchowska had an extraordinary speech about managing club crisis and club development. See the video:
Jerzy Zientkowski had two perfectly prepared speeches. He is an excellent speaker and taught us how to manage time and space in public speaking. If interested, follow on youtube and vimeo:
The next TLI will be held in Kraków,  in July 2012. Everyone is invited!