Speech Marathon, March 13, 2012

Our last meeting was hosted by Iga Korneta CC, ALB.
The theme of the meeting was “The Dunning-Kruger Effect”. The Dunning-Kruger Effect can be summarised as follows: there are some people who are so stupid that they do not realise that they are stupid. The question: how would you know that this does not apply to you? After all, would you know that if it did?
We listened to 6 speeches.
Tomek Jędruszak presented his CC1 project Ice Breaker speech titled “Moving places”. Tomek did a great job. He told us about his places he lived and gave us advices from his experience. Congratulation Tomek to your first project.
Kasia Wdowiak proceeded with her CC2 project Organize Your Speech project titled “Mars vs. Venus”. At the beginning of the speech Kasia counted man and women in the class and the she did a test and convinced that somehow women might have a male brain and men might have a female brain. She encouraged us the learn about the brain differences in women and men.
Wojtek Arłukowicz presented his CC2 project Organize Your Speech project titled “Sweet Story”. Wojtek told us a lot of interesting facts about chocolate and made us feel like eating chocolate. I am sure everyone had a piece of chocolate the next day.
Jarek Piotrowski advanced to his 5th CC project – Your Body Speaks, titled “Being a Great Public Speaker”. Jarek presented us a speech about being a great public speaking for the second time. His speeches are very interesting and useful as everyone of us is trying to be better and better at public speaking.
Adam Jeziorski finished with his CC6 project – Vocal Variety, titled “Nothing to Say”. Adam did a great job and we could observe how big improvment he did with his body language. Congratulate Adam. Great Job.
See you all at the next meeting.