Clash fo the Titans, March 20, 2012

Last Tuesday’s main topic ‘Clash of the Titans’ was very puzzling to all of us. However the 2010 film production that everyone made the connection with is indeed very popular it turned out to be just an introduction to our real point of discussion which was competition. Our host, Michał Paluchowski,  talked about how we compete in our everyday life and how companies compete with one another. When asked about the most competitive moments in their lives, participants were mainly giving examples of sport adventures, among which swimming was the most frequent. We listened to 3 great speeches. First one was Iwona Ksiądzyna’s Financial Report on Toastmasters International. Not only did we understand what happens with all the money we pay to our Treasurer but also we realised that it is very well managed and our participant’s fee seems to have a reasonable price in this case. Iwona researched her topic thoroughly, thank you Iwona for your insightful speech. Our next speaker captured our attention with his great project titled “The Full Monty”. The author, Chris Bolliger, proved that there were no limits using visual aids. There were chocolates as winning prizes, bank notes flying in the air and even jackets being took off (no striptease whatsoever). Last but not least was the humorous speech by Iga Korneta “Bees”. As a scientist she decided to investigate the issue of the people’s reaction to the bees dying out. As it turned out, the protesting youth weren’t as informed in the subject as she was hoping them to be and what is even more, they didn’t know what they were really protesting against. We had a great time listening to these entertaining stories, Iga!