William Shakespeare, April 24

The April 24, 2012 meeting, hosted by Iga Korneta, ACB, ALB, celebrated the life and works of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare, the author of 38 plays and over 150 sonnets, was also a great innovator and standariser of the English language. He  introduced over 1700 new words and coined over 150 expressions that entered the popular language.

One of the phrases coined by Shakespeare was “to break the ice”. The meeting featured two Ice-Breaker speeches, by Ewa Chojecka (evaluated by Jarek  Piotrowski) and by Patrick Libuda (evaluated by Adam Jeziorski).
Ewa spoke of her journey that brought her to Toastmasters, while Patrick spoke of the diamond within himself.
The third  speech was by veteran Toastmaster Ania Witkowska, CC, CL – Ania congratulated  her friend Ania Nowicka on having been the quickest Toastmaster in the club to  finish the CC manual.

All’s well  that ends well, and good time was had by all.

Other interesting phrases coined by Shakespeare please find on the following websites: