Our club achievements

Our club has reached highest goals on most levels of the Toastmasters educational program.
We gained the reputation of one the fastest growing clubs and top achievers of educational awards.
I would like to share with you several updates from the past few months.

Member achievements
New CL:  Michał Paluchowski, Anna Witkowska
New CC:  Michał Paluchowski, Vlad Łychota
New ALB: Milena Paluchowska
New ACB: Rafał Komorowski, Milena Paluchowska and Iga Korneta

Our club continues to hold the first place in District 59 in the number of educational awards.
Iga Korneta achieved 4 educational awards throughout the year which earned her a Triple Crown award.
Congratulations to Iga and the club for the achievements and devotion to the educational program!

 Club achievements
We achieved The Presidents Distinguished Club award back in the beginning of February!
This is the highest award in the Toastmasters program!

We will also receive one more award ribbon for our banner confirming the great results in membership growth – the Talk Up Toastmasters award!

May, 2012

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