30 June. The grill party is over.


The grill party organised by SpeakingElephants Toastmaster International club is over.

The party started as planned at 12:00. Naska, Milena, Strahil and Michal were controlling fire place and cooking.  There was one organised group that started to walk at 12:15 from Test Kabaty and arrived about 12:45. The fireplace was booked in advance “by the board”. It was very hot (about 30 Celsius), so not only sausages, vegetables and meal from grill was the subject for consumption but also soft drinks.

There were about thirty TMI members and guests taking part. The food was really great.

We played badminton and frisbee. The food supported many table topics. We have been also visited by Borys (black dog), see all pictures on Facebook.

It was great weekend party. Join us next time.


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