Our meeting on Tuesday, June 26

Our meeting on Tuesday, June 26, 2012 was hosted by Iwona Ksiądzyna. The theme of the meeting was Personal Branding. We discussed how important it is. Is this a must for everyone or  just a fashion? Everyone has their own opinion, but finally we concluded it is crucial to create your personal branding at least in social media. That’s something no one can avoid. After the short discussion we moved on to our speeches.

Natalia Jaworska presented her CC2 project – Organize Your Speech, titled “Arma-cheese & crackers-geddon”. The title was tricky and everyone listened carefully to learn what it meant. Natalia remained us about the apocalypse and that there will be the End of the World in December 2012. We believe however  that The Mayan Calendar 2012 prophecy is just some people’s interpretation not a fact. Natalia was very good at her speech and she flooded the room with waves of dramatic emotion. Congratulation Natalia. Your speech was marvelous.

Olek Ćwikliński followed also with a CC2 project – Organize Your Speech, titled “Formula 1”. Olek is a fan of Formula 1 and he told us many facts about the sport. He focused also on car safety  and underlined how important the sport is for us – drivers. Congratulation Olek. Thank for your speech.

Tomek Jędruszak moved on to his CC4 project – How to Say It, titled “Saving myself”.  We know Tomek as a specialist in managing time. With his 4th project he convinced us that he is also good at managing life balance. We learnt a lot. Thanks Tomek for your tips.

Jacek Lasota  finished with his CC5 project – Your Body Speaks, titled “How to wave a flag?”. WOW, how energetic the speech was! Everyone felt like joining Jacek in waving the  flag. Jacek is extremely fascinated  with football and he is the best sport fan among all Toastmasters.

The Table Topics session was lead by Jarek Piotrowski.



See Jacek Lasota’s speech: