Meeting on July 17

Our last meeting was hosted by first-time Toastmaster Olek Ćwikliński. The meeting theme was Time for sport. Olek told us about how important sport and competition are. The topic was taken up by all and we shared our interest in sport. Actually a discussion was provoked, but as we had to stick to the agenda, the discussion was cut short. That’s why I think we will have probably a lot of speeches about sport in the near future, as everybody had something interesting to say about doing a sport.

We moved on to our prepared speeches:

Magda Rudzka  presented her CC3 project – Get to the Point, titled “Backpackers’ luxurious world“, evaluated by Jacek Lasota,

Chris Bolliger  continued to his CC9 project – Persuade with Power, titled “Crises“, evaluated by Tomek Jędruszak,

Helena Pryłowska CC presented her 1st advanced project, titled “Tale from the Kingdom of Lailonia”, evaluated by Iwona Ksiądzyna,

and Iga Korneta ACB, ALB facilitated a discussion based on the Advanced Facilitation Discussion manual, project 1: The Panel Discussion, titled “Should we teach children high-energy physics?“. And at that point a serious discussion broke out. There were people with lots of ideas for and against teaching children high-energy physics. Even talks about religion and the universe were involved. The discussion ended  peacefully with slightly more people in favor of the proposal.