Meeting on August 14

It was hosted by Milena Paluchowska, at the regular time and place: 19:00 at the University of Technology Business School in Koszykowa 79, room 213 (2nd floor).

The meeting theme was: Package.

Speeches performed:

  1. Jarek Jakubczak CC1 Ice Breaker titled “You are special“, evaluated by Magda Rudzka,
  2. Wojtek Arciszewski  CC4 project – How to Say It, titled “No stress“, evaluated by Tomek Jędruszak
  3. Jarek Piotrowski CC8 project – Get Comfortable with Visual Aids, titled “The best team sport“, evaluated by Adam Jeziorski,
  4. Milena Paluchowska ACB, ALB Advanced Humorously Speaking manual no. 5 – Keep Them Laughing, with a speech titled “How to survive Hungarian metro controllers“, evaluated by Olek Ćwikliński.







The Table Topics session was run by Ewa Chojecka and the winner of was Iga Korneta, the first time.

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