Meeting on August 21

It will be hosted by Adam Jeziorski, at the regular time and place: 19:00 at the University of Technology Business School in Koszykowa 79, room 213 (2nd floor).
The meeting theme is: Vocabulary.
We have a marathon of 6 speeches scheduled:
  1. Nina Andriichuk will present her CC1 Ice Breaker, titled “Dancer forever“,
  2. Asia will also present the CC1 Ice Breaker, titled “Me, myself and I – places“,
  3. Tomek Kropiewnicki will appear with a CC4 project – How to Say It, titled “Starglider“, evaluated by Michał Paluchowski CC, ALB,
  4. Sylwia Rudnik will continue to her CC7 project – Research Your Topic, titled “Practice What You Preach“,
  5. Naska Mitreva will move on to her CC9 project – Persuade with Power, titled “Worry“, evaluated by Natalia Jaworska,
  6. Iga Korneta ACB, ALB will finish with an Advanced Storytelling project no. 2 – Let’s Get Personal, titled “Love and Certificate“, evaluated by Jarek Piotrowski.
There will be no Table Topics session.

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