Meeting on September 25

Speaking Elephants banner
Speaking Elephants banner

We’re back to our regular meetings and the next one is coming up on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. It will be hosted by Milena Paluchowska ACS, ALB, at the regular time and place: 19:00 at the University of Technology Business School in Koszykowa 79, room 213 (2nd floor).

The meeting theme is: Attitude.
We have a marathon of 6 speeches scheduled:
  1. Agata Miłkowska will kick off with her CC1 Ice Breaker speech, titled “Do they know me but at all?“, evaluated by Tomek Jędruszak,
  2. Iza Rudzka will move on to her CC3 project – Get to the Point, titled “Home, sweet home“,
  3. Jacek Lasota will present his CC8 project – Get Comfortable with Visual Aids, titled “Noble liquid“, evaluated by Olek Ćwikliński,
  4. Naska Mitreva will present her CC10 project – Inspire Your Audience, titled “Anniversary“,
  5. Chris Bolliger will likewise finish his CC course with the 10th Inspire Your Audience project, titled “Focus“, evaluated by Michał Paluchowski CC, ALB,
  6. Iga Korneta will finish off with an advanced Storrytelling no. 5 project – Brining History to Lifetitled “Zhao Yun and Liu Bei at the Battle of Changban“.
There will be no Table Topics session.

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