Meeting on October 2

Our next meeting is coming up on Tuesday, October 2, 2012. It will be hosted by Jacek Lasota, at a temporary place: 19:15 at Noa Cowork in Noakowskiego Str. 16, ap. 39.
The meeting theme is: Conspiracy theory.
We have 3 speeches scheduled:
  1. Adam Jeziorski CC will present the 1st project from the advanced Speaking to Inform manual – The Speech to Inform, titled “Getting Things Done methodology“,
  2. Milena Paluchowska ACS, ALB will likewise present project 1 from Speaking to Inform – The Speech to Inform, titled “Attitude“, evaluated by Naska Mitreva CC,
  3. Ania Witkowska CC, CL will present the module “Mentoring” from the Successful Club Series, evaluated by Jarek Piotrowski.
In place of the Table Topics session Iga Korneta ACB, ALB will hold a discussion from the advanced Facilitating Discussion manual, project 5 – Reaching a Consensus, titled “How informative should the club speeches be?

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