Meeting on October 23

Our next meeting is coming up on Tuesday, October 23, 2012. It will be hosted by Wojtek Arciszewski. 
The meeting theme is: “Be Happy“.
We have a marathon of 6 speeches scheduled:
  1. Agnieszka Porzezińska will present her CC9 project – Persuade with Power, titled “Initation“,
  2. Jacek Lasota will likewise present a CC9 project – Persuade with Power, titled “Egoist“,
  3. Jarek Piotrowski will move on to his CC10 project – Inspire Your Audience, titled “Edge“, evaluated by Michał Paluchowski CC, ALB,
  4. Iwona Ksiądzyna CC will present a project from the Advanced Public Speaknig manual no. 3 – The Persuasive Approach, titled “Faith, family and career“,
  5. Ania Witkowska CC, CL will present an advanced Specialty Speeches project no. 4 – Read Out Loud, titled “The Hobbit“, by John R.R. Tolkien,
  6. Iga Korneta ACB, ALB will finish off with an advanced Storytelling no. 4 project – The Touching Story, titled “C. A. S.
There will be no Table Topics session.

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