Next meeting on November 13

Gavel used by Toastmaster of the eveningMeeting will be hosted by Iwona Ksiądzyna CC, CL. 
The meeting theme is: Beauty.
We have 4 speeches scheduled:
  1. Agata Miłkowska will start the round with a CC3 project – Organize Your Speech, titled “Why localize?“, evaluated by Olek Cwikliński,
  2. Iza Rudnik will follow with a CC5 project – Your Body Speaks, titled “Small girl with a big hear“, evaluated by Tomasz Kropiewnicki,
  3. Wojtek Arciszewski will also present a CC5 project – Your Body Speaks, titled “Signs“,
  4. Tomek Jędruszak will finish off with a CC7 project – Research Your Topic, titled “Real-estate investment“.
The Table Topics session will be presented by Kasia Wdowiak.
At the moment our club is meeting  at temporary location, where is lack of space. We will invite guests when we will have long term solution. For the moment you are invited to other Warsaw Toastmasters clubs. We will keep you updated using this site. We are looking for a new venue at the moment. Maybe you can help us?

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