Meeting on Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Speaking Elephants banner
Speaking Elephants banner

Our next meeting is coming up on Tuesday, March 12, 2013. It will be hosted by Ania Witkowska CC, ALB, at 19:00 at Clock-Work ( in Ksawerów Str. 3. Head downstairs when you enter the building.

The meeting theme is: Taboo.
We have 4 speeches scheduled:
  1. Adam Zakrzewski will shake it with a CC5 – Your Body Speaks project, titled “Think“,
  2. Magda Rudzka will advance to her CC9 – Persuade with Power project, titled “You have a choice“,
  3. Olek Ćwikliński will start off his Advanced Communication path with a Communicating on Video project 1 – Straight Talk, titled “Will Robert be back in Formula 1?
  4. is still being sought. Sign up any time!
The Table Topics session will be lead by Nina Andriichuk.