Meeting on Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our next meeting is coming up on Tuesday, July 16, 2013. It will be hosted by Magda Rudzka, CC, at 19:00 at Clock-Work ( in Ksawerów Str. 3. Head downstairs when you enter the building.
The meeting theme will be: Poland for summer
We have 4 speeches scheduled:
  1. Sebastian Pasternacki – will start off with his CC1 Ice Breaker project, titled: Secret Ingredient, evaluated by Jacek.
  2. Agata Miłkowska will continue with CC8 project – Get Comfortable with Visual Aids, titled I love tea, evaluated by Ania W.
  3. Patrick Libuda will present his CC9 Persuade with Power project titled Master Mind and will be evaluated by Tomasz K.
  4. Naska Mitreva will finish off with 4th project from Humorously Speaking manual, titled Insects in your dish, evaluated by Marine.

Table Topics will be organized by Ola Kończak.