Speaking Elephants Toastmasters meeting summary – February 22

Our February 22 meeting was chock-full of fun and information. Toastmaster Milena Paluchowska told us about the importance of proper “ Timing”. The concept was further developed by club members and guests, during the introductory part of the meeting.

Iga Korneta, first speaker of the evening, did a really great job with her vivid description of what our body experiences when our mind feels fear. You could certainly hear a needle drop when she made her passionate delivery. Well done Iga!

Piotr Pióro, second speaker of the evening, as usual did not disappoint. In his presentation Piotr shared with us his observations of everyday life and influence of advertising on how we see the world. Great presentation Piotr!

The impromptu part of the meeting, in which club members were fired questions related to the theme, was unquestionably won by Milena.

Mirek Grybalow gave a speech based on Advanced Communication Manual Speeches by Management, project 5: “What are we doing wrong in Education ?” This practical manual is ideal for those people in a management situation in the workplace, helping you successfully handle a variety of speaking situations.

In the interview part to follow, Mirek gave articulate answers that were well thought out and unrushed. This skill is perfect for interview situations, client meetings, or last minute work presentations.

The meeting concluded with the reports from our General Evaluator Maciej Cielecki and his team.

Despite a slightly longer meeting, there was an overwhelming sentiment that it was an outstanding meeting. We had a great turn out —6 new guests, in addition to our members.

After the toastmaster session we went to the restaurant for an informal meeting. We are looking forward to our next Tuesday meeting, being the 3rd birthday of our club- to be celebrated with bubbles:)!!!