Special Meeting on 8th October, 2013

Dear Guests, dear Speaking Elephants!

I am sure that you are very excited about our meeting on Tuesday 8.10.2013. It is not going to be our regular meeting but a session full of improvised actions, games and a lot of fun.

First time on Speaking Elephants stage will presents his improvisation skills the man who is the number one on Warsaw English improvised acting scene. The charismatic Ravi from Improv.pl. He will show us what a real improv in English is and will also conduct some games and short workshops connected with improvising.

If you want to see it how Speaking Elephants are good at improvising or want just to learn something new or simply don’t want to stay at home on Tuesday’s evening simply come to our meeting.

It will be a great fun! Bring also your friends and be ready for a lot of laugh.


Best Regards!

Jacek Lasota

VPM Toastmasters Speaking Elephants