Meeting on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Our next meeting on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 will be hosted by Anna Witkowska CC, ALB. 

We meet at 19:00 at Clock-Work (, Ksawerów Str. 3. Head downstairs when you enter the building.
The meeting theme will be: Autumn

We have 4 speeches scheduled:

1.  Ula Bołcun  will start with an Ice Breaker – titled “ Ups and Downs”

2.  Ola Kończak will continue a basic manual CC, project no.4  – How to say it , titled “Best parts”

3. Sebastian Pasternacki will present project no. 7 a basic manual CC,– Research your topic , titled “Connecting The World“,

4.  Patrick Libuda CC  will present a speech from  Advanced Manual – Speaking to inform
The Table Topics session will be led by  Cheryl Werhner Coffman