Meeting on Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

It will be a great honor to lead our next meeting. Yes, I Tomasz Kropiewnicki will be the Toastmaster of the upcoming meeting! Like usual we meet at 19:00 at Clock-Work (, Ksawerów Str. 3. Head downstairs when you enter the building.
The meeting theme will be: Go out

We have 4 speeches scheduled:
1.  Cheryl Werhner Coffman  will start with project no. 2 from CC Manual titled “Changing the World”

2.  Jacek Wabik (our Guest from the TM Polska S.A.) will do project no. 5 from CC Manual titled “The story of the camp”

3.  Sebastian Pasternacki will do project no. 8 from CC Manual titled “Sound and silence”

4. Patrick J. Libuda will present Speaking to inform. no. 2 resources for informing. titled “Anger is an acid”

In stead of a Table Topic session I’ve got a surprise for you :)

Jacek Wabik, Monika Kowalik and Konrad Gawda will make a set of small presentations about their clubs to encourage you guys to go out and visit them :)