The December Leader Letter

Show Off Your Club Video

Each month, clubs from around the globe enter the Toastmasters brand video contest. Share your club’s story and enthusiasm for the brand and your club could win one of the following: a banner, lectern or marketing materials. For contest details, please visit the Brand Contest webpage.

Congratulations to recent winners: San Luis Obispo Toastmasters of San Luis Obispo, California, and Toastmasters Club of Pune in Pune, India!

The Toastmaster Magazine: Now on More Tablets

The Toastmaster is available on your iPad, and in mid-December Android and Kindle Fire tablet owners will be able to access it as well. Download the magazine via a free app on any of these devices. The digital edition is enhanced with multimedia interactivity, videos, photo slideshows and links. For details, please visit Members will still receive the print edition unless they choose to opt out.

How Many New Members Can You Sponsor?

Make a significant contribution to your club’s long-term success by participating in the Annual Membership Program. Sponsor five or 10 members between July 1 and June 30, and you’ll receive a special recognition pin. Fifteen-member sponsors receive a 25-percent discount for use at the Toastmasters Online Store. To sign up, simply ensure your name and club number appear legibly on the new, dual or reinstated member application to receive credit. For more details, please visit and click on “Individual Awards.”

Say Thank You with Toastmasters Gifts

This season, show your appreciation to fellow members and leaders with apparel and gifts from the Toastmasters Online Store.