Meeting on Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Like usual we meet at 19:00 atClock-Work (, Ksawerów Str. 3.

Head downstairs when you enter the building.

The meeting theme will be: Winter Fun

We have 3 speeches scheduled:
1. Sebastian P. will kick off with CC Manual project no.9 – Persuade with Power – entitled “Changing the pattern” evaluated by Konrad O.

2. Cheryl W. will continue with CC Manual project no.3 – Get to the Point – entitled “The Four Agreements” and will be evaluated by Tomek P.

3. Ola K. will deliver her CC Manual project no.9 – Persuade with Power – entitled “A pearl set in emeralds” evaluated by Adam J.

4. Speech slot available for brave last minute speaker – first come first served – please let me know

There will be no Table Topics session – instead Patrick J. will deliver special speech on “Meeting Roles and Responsibilities” from Successful Club Series manual.


Please come to enjoy the 2nd meeting in the New Year!