Meeting on Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Dear Speaking Elephants friends,

Our next meeting is coming up on March 4th 2014. It will be hosted by Milena Paluchowska and it will take place at 19:00 at Clock-Work (, Ksawerów Str. 3. (Head downstairs when you enter the building.)

This will be a very special meeting during which we all will share our stories about Toastmasters. Hence the theme of the meeting is The Toastmaster in you.

We have 3 speeches scheduled:

1. Filip Matuszewski will deliver his CC Project 1 The Ice Breaker, title: Where Leaders are made, evaluated by Naska Mitreva

2. Maja Sztenke will deliver her CC Project 1 The Ice Breaker, title: Communication Helpline, evaluated by Sylwia Rudnik

3. Mirek Grybalow will deliver ACS Storytelling manual project no.4 The Touching Story, title: Caste-Off, evaluated by Naska Mitreva

There will be a special session instead of the Table Topics session which will also give you a chance to present your Toastmaster stories.

I hope to see you all there!

Since 1924, Toastmasters International has been recognized as the leading organization dedicated to communication and leadership skill development. Through its worldwide network of clubs, each week Toastmasters helps more than a quarter million men and women of every ethnicity, education level and profession build their competence in communication so they can gain the confidence to lead others.

By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge. They learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan and lead. They give feedback — and accept it. They find their path to leadership.