Speaking Elephants Toastmasters 3rd birthday meeting summary – March 1

26 people gathered yesterday to celebrate the 3rd birthday of our club. The meeting was a perfect opportunity to share our experience with Toastmasters, get to know each other better, sing, and enjoy a glass of champagne.

The format of our meeting was different from the way we typically run meetings. Kamila Sidor stepped up to the challenge of making the evening fun, full of anecdotes, and Toastmasters’ testimonials. She thanked both the current members and the former ones for their hard work in making our club what it is today and wished us many happy returns. Kamila, also congratulated one of our club members, Piotr Pióro, on the birth of his son, Tomek-being the youngest Toastmaster in our club:)

Our first speaker, Rafał Komorowski, managed to keep us all captivated with his story based on a Sci-Fi book and promised to tell us more such stories in the future.

Tomasz Kolinko, the second speaker of the evening, as usual grabbed our attention with the right amount of poise and confidence, and unconventional use of props. He started his speech by challenging the audience and finally convinced many of us to become more environment-friendly. Well done, Tomasz!!

This was followed by Table Topics, led by Iga Korneta. Iga posed a variety of questions backed up with a Power Point presentation. Iga did an outstanding job preparing for the task.

Our Table Topics winner was a guest, Jerzy Gzula– congratulations Jerzy for givinga very poignant speech on whether clothes make a Toastmaster.

It was an enjoyable evening followed by a visit to the pub.

We hope to see each other in one year’s time to celebrate our 4th anniversary.

Check out our Facebook fan page for a sample of our singing abilities:)