JUST DO IT – Meeting on Jan 26, 2016

Just do it

Dear Toastmasters & Guests,

 As the Toastmaster of tonight’s Speaking Elephants Toastmasters meeting, I would like to warmly invite you to participate from 18:45 -20:45 at Mokotowskie Centrum Integracji Mieszkańców, ul. Woronicza 44a

 The theme of the evening is “Just do it” where we will lightly explore the age-old challenge of what we call “walking the talk” or concretely acting upon decisions that are made.

 The detailed agenda is attached for your information.  You will notice there that instead of the usual table topics session, we are going to have workshop about making good speech evaluations.  It will be conducted by guest speaker Monika Kowalik-Pasternacka who is a former member of our club and current member of Toastmasters Leaders. She has conducted several trainings over the Evaluations and now she will share with us her knowledge.  She will deliver a project from Better Speaker Series #7 – Organizing Your Speech (10:00-15:00 min) and the title of the project is “Evaluation is a speech – organize it”  Here is a link to the evaluation training done by Monika on TLI in Lublin last year. 


Information for guests:

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 Best regards, Chris

 Chris Eichhorn