CLUB Announcements 02.02.16


  1.            Leader of the month – contest.

The idea is simple, for every role you take at the meeting, both functionaries and speakers, you will have awarded points. As the name of the contest suggests points are counted monthly and person with the highest number of points wins.

Toastmaster of the evening gains 3 points,

General and speech evaluators gains 2 points,

Other functionaries and speakers gain 1 point.


  1.            Check out our Facebook fanpage.

Please help us building new and efficient way of communicating to our members and guests. Like our fanpage! You can find there all information that are necessary concerning our club: Regular events, Integration events, all photos and much more!


  1.            TLI’s

30-31 stycznia 2016 – Wrocław, TLI Pirates vs Ninjas

For more informations and sign up visit:




  1.            Speaking Elephants Web site.

We are looking for member who is willing to look after our main web site.

If you would like to learn how to manage a website which is based on wordpress that would be a perfect opportunity for you! Responsible task which requires work to establish well organized and perfectly working website of our club.

If you are interested feel free to write e-mail to the board:


  1.            Conference

On the 23rd and 24th April 2016 the Division J Speech and Evaluation Contests will take place. For this occasion a two-day conference is being organized.
It will be a big event during which many public speaking, leadership and personal development workshops and lectures are to be held.
We would like to have as many Toastmasters present there as possible, alike from the organizational side as well as being a speaker/trainer, so if you would like to help or participate, please let us know.
This is a perfect opportunity for you to earn new skills in terms of preparing big events or speaking abilities related to the conducting of workshops.

Should you have any additional questions, please, contact me via phone or e-mail.

Best wishes and hope to see you on board!
Jakub Godlewski


  1. ALPHA integration meeting – 8 March

The aim of this meeting is to integrate the members and clubs from the Toastmasters Community in Warsaw. And also to give a great opportunity to the clubs to represent themselves out of the club and with the best of their education, speakers and atmosphere. On that meeting we should present two advanced speeches and one workshop from better speaker series or club successful series. Area and Division Directors will be our special guests to witness and support the occasion.


  1. Club Spring International and Evaluation speech contests – 15 March

Speech contests are organized twice per Toastmasters year. We are looking for Contest Chair and Chief Judge who together with the VPE will organize the contest. We are looking also for contestants in both contests. This is unique opportunity for you to show the best of you in public speaking, to show the skills you’ve already developed, to exercise many barriers and to find how you think about yourself and your abilities to influence people. This is opportunity for you to go toward the need of achievement, to experience the feeling of competing and of course to have a lot of fun.