Toastmasters Meeting Tuesday 5th April Warsaw.

Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin. ~Victor Kiam

There is no better day than this very Tuesday to learn how to overcome your fear of public speaking, learn good public speaking skills, leadership skills, meet and network with friend people from all walks of life, and most importantly gain personal growth and the confidence to try things you have never thought of doing.

Life is a journey and so is being a member of Toastmasters. Do not procrastinate and join our next meeting themed “Procrastination” hosted by seasoned Toastmaster, Milena Paluchowska.

The following three speeches will be heard:

– the “Icebreaker” speech (Project 1 from the CC manual) by Lutz Villalba-Adorno;

– the “Icebreaker” speech (Project 1 from the CC manual) by Jaroslaw Jackiewicz, evaluated by Tomasz Kolinko;

– a speech from the AC Professional Speaker manual, by Miroslaw Grybalow.

The Table Topics session, run by Dorota Wrześniewska, will give us an opportunity to practice impromptu speaking. The Table Topics session will be hosted.

Iga Korneta will be the Timer, while Piotr Pióro the Grammarian.