Toastmasters Meeting Warsaw 19th April 2011.

The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step – Zen Quotes by Lao Tzu.

Zen is all about wisdom and the attainment of enlightenment. So was our last meeting on Tuesday 19th.

Tomasz Kolinko, who filled in as Toastmaster, got the meeting started promptly, and ran it smoothly in a pleasant and entertaining way.

Our first speaker of the evening, Lutz Villaba-Adorno, shared with us his story of entrepreneurship in the Silicon Valley, full of insightful tips on how to start a successful high-tech startup. We hope Lutz will continue his fast-paced Toastmasters career by crafting more speeches around his rich life&work experience.

Rafał Komorowski was our second speaker. His storytelling project from the Toastmasters Advanced Manual “really had all of us hanging on every word”.

Piotr Pióro, our Table Topics Master of the evening, chose the “Fortune Cookie Game” as an opportunity to practice our impromptu speaking skills. We had plenty of fun listening to each of the 6 volunteers choose a fortune cookie and explain its wisdom:) 

Our welcomed guest, seasoned Toastmaster and Area Governor, Franciszek Szych, who served as General Evaluator, unquestionably won the impromptu session, proving that the Toastmasters method really work. His impromptu speech turned out to be actually a mini-speech, with an opening, a body and a conclusion. Only years of solid practice can produce such results.

The General Evaluator’s valuable feedback will for sure let us hold steady on course, and move towards that ZEN perfection that all of us desire.