Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- May 17th

‘Eighty percent of success is showing up’. Woody Allen.

Dear Toastmasters and interested members of the public.

Please feel invited to join our very next meeting hosted by experienced Toastmaster Anna Nowicka.

Meeting titled “Learned Helplessness” will be a great chance to hone your public speaking, critical listening, and practice speaking off-the-cuff.

First Speaker of the evening will be Kuba Nowacki: CC Project 1: Ice Breaker.

Second Speaker will be Lutz Villalba, CC Project 3: Get to the point.

Third Speaker will be Rafał Komorowski AC Interpretive reading – Interpreting poetry.

Table Topics session will be led by Iga Korneta.

Please be also advised that on May 31st elections to the next year’s club board will take place. We strongly encourage you to take on leadership positions within our club.