Congratulations to our newly elected Executive Committee.

Below our all star new executive team:)

Milena Paluchowska was nominated and elected our Club President. Milena took over the position after Tomasz Kolinko. Thank you very much Tomasz for all the good work!

We are all thrilled to have Milena as our new President. Milena has already proven herself to be an efficient and enthusiastic club member, serving until now as our VP Membership. Congratulations Milena!

Anna Witkowska, previously fulfilling the role of VP Educations, was chosen our Treasurer. Throughout the last year we have enjoyed Ania’s dedication and enthusiasm for her job as VP Education. Thank you very much Anna!

Her former role will be taken over by Michał Paluchowski, seasoned Toastmaster, Tedex Warsaw and Ignite Warsaw organizer. We are certain that our club will greatly benefit from Michał’s proven organizational skills.

Piotr Pióro was once again chosen our VP Public Relations. His hard work and diligence have certainly paid off. We hope that Piotr will manage to keep up the good work.

Iga Korneta was elected our VP Membership. We wish Iga all the best in her new position within our club, and promise to support her in all her new ideas.

We strongly encourage you to apply for the two remaining positions within our club’s executive committee:

Secretary who will be responsible for paper work concerning enrollment of new club members.

Sergeant at arms who will be responsible for maintaining club properties, arranging the meeting room and welcoming members and guests at each meeting.

Our club has a long tradition of sustained leadership, so we are grateful to have the support of our past-presidents Tomasz Kolinko, Kamila Sidor and Mirosław Grybalow, who remain active members of our club and provide invaluable support towards becoming more confident and competent speakers.