Top Careers Toastmasters Club 5th anniversary!

„ W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie. I Szczebrzeszyn z tego słynie. Wół go pyta: „Panie

Chrząszczu, po cóż pan tak brzęczy w gąszczu?” is a well-known Polish tongue-twister, which more

or less reads this way in English: „In the town of Szczebrzeszyn a beetle buzzes in the reeds. And

Szczebrzeszyn is famous for it. An ox asks him: “Mister beetle, What are you buzzing for in the bushes?”

If you can say it in the original, then you must be Polish:)

We would like to invite you to pay a visit to our friends in the Polish-speaking Toastmasters Club Top Careers on the 10th June to celebrate their 5th anniversary!

Where? How to get? What time? and how much? Follow this link:

Contact person: Beata Suchodolska Vice President Education, Top Careers Toastmasters

mail: || +48 601 390 110 || skype: beata.suchodolska

Congratulations on their good work and successes making the Toastmasters idea popular in Poland!