Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- June 14th

“Have chaos, will hubbub”.

hubbub [ˈhʌbʌb]


1. a confused noise of many voices

2. uproar

3. a multitude of speakers

Come over to our wonderful and harmonious meeting on 14th June, titled: Hubbub, run by Michał Paluchowski.

Our new Vice President Education is the ONE who will bring balance to the Force:)

In his virgin mission as Toastmaster of the evening in our club he will be supported by his fellow Toastmasters:

Mirek Grybalow with his sales training speech, titled : Why do you need the art of selling.– The Professional Speaker, Advanced Manual.

Milena Paluchowska with her entertaining speech from the Advaced Manual.

Tomasz Kolinko with a project from the CC Manual.

And Kuba Nowacki in charge of the table topics sessions.