Demo meeting on July 5, 2011 – “Toastmasters: a world of possibilities”.

“At the table no one grows old”-anon

We gave life to this adage at our most recent Toastmasters meeting held in Południk Zero cafe ( on Wilcza 25. We have to thank the lovely hostess Asia Mostowska for providing such an intimate setting for the session.

We had a lot of impromptu speeches and it was quite a decent sized meeting full with colourful personalities [Thanks to Milena for this lovely phrase].

Ania Witkowska regailed us with a fascinating account of her stay in Cuba, describing vividly for us how life can move at a much slower pace and how the little things can make a difference- Rum, hot dancing, sun bathing and the pleasures of exchanging dollars in a country that has a special relationship with the US. All in all, Ania is coming on stronger every week and we look forward to more powerful performances in the future.

Piotr Pioro was second up and took us down memory lane with the story of his time spent living in Saudi Arabia. We were reminded how ignorance is in fact bliss, as he set out on his career over there with no plan, no map and no idea of what he was getting himself into. Thankfully we can live vicariously through him and don’t have to experience chop chop square, draconian legal system and prohibition laws on alcohol…in fact the fact we could retire for a relaxed chat in the pub afterward made the whole speech more poignant. Once again an entertaining and competent speech by the VP PR .

Anna Przybysz gave us a heart wrenching impromptu speech about the challenges of carol singing in Siberian conditions and to top it off lead the whole group in an off the cuff recital of Silent Night ok, ok, I know what you are thinking, in July?? But if you looked out the window that night you would see it was entirely appropriate.

Tomek Kolinko entertained the lively audience with an impromptu speech about how to fish for Great White sharks in a tiny boat, including the finer points of using chickens as bait and the surprising invisibility of the mother boat waiting nearer the shore. Thanks for this Tom and also for the scintillating performance as General Evaluator.

Below you can find a collection of pictures of the event with prize winners on the night.