Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- July 19th


The meeting on July 19, Fear – Gift or Curse, hosted by an experienced Toastmaster and lecturer, Anna Nowicka, was a spooktacular meeting:)

Anna as always delivered a great job running the meeting in a timely and briskly manner. The meeting started very icy:), as we had two ice breakers on the agenda, but soon Anatolii Mykolenko and Michał Paluchowski broke the ice with their very entertaining and educational ice breakers.

Anataolii told us how amusing it could be to have your name misspelled, misprounanced, and misinterpreted across boarders and nationalities.

Michal, though very experienced Toastmaster and proficient public speaker, decided to deliver his Ice breaker again. It was great fun to watch a seasoned speaker do a beginner’s task. For sure, Michał’s speech from now on will serve as benchmark for all new comers in our Club.

When it comes to new comers, we officially welcomed a new member of our Elephant flock, Iwona Ksiądzyna. Congratulations to Iwona for choosing our club. We look forward to Iwona’s ice breaker very soon.

Iwona as other Club members could also learn that they will not be left on their own in their induction process, as our Club President, Milena Paluchowska, meticulously explained the mechanics of the TM mentoring program in her presentation from the Successful Club Series.

During break, we enjoyed a small chat, decked out with little cookies prepared as award for TT session-thank you Mirek! Mirek Grybalow prepared fear related questions, which everyone loved.

The meeting was a lot of fun and it was a great way to showcase to our welcomed guests how much fun Toastmaster club meetings can be.

We had a wickedly good time. See you soon!