Toastmasters Speaking Elephants Meeting- July 26th

A toddling little girl is a centre of common feeling which makes the most dissimilar people understand each other” – George Eliot

We had another great Speaking Elephants Toastmasters meeting on Tuesday. Once again we proved that when it comes to practicing public speaking, Koszykowa 79, room 213 (2nd floor) is the place!

The meeting titled ‘Europecentrism’ and run by our Club President, Milena Paluchowska, attracted 23 Speaking Elephants and welcomed guests, some travelling to us far as from Madrid. Monica Casa, VP Education in her Madrid Club, shared with us a lot of valuable insights on our Club. We hope to see you soon Monica!

Milena made it sure the meeting, with its 3 speeches scheduled, ran smoothly and timely.

Beata Stepaniak presented her 2nd CC project: Organize Your Speech, evaluated by Tomek Kolinko. Beata told us about the decision making process, and how to make it effective. Through employing story-telling techniques, her message made a great impact on the audience. Excellent job, Beata!

Rafał Trochimczuk, a guest speaker from Toastmasters Polska SA, presented his 6th CC project: Vocal Variety, with the title “Did you sleep well tonight?”, evaluated by Chris Bollinger. Rafał literarily rocked the room with his expressive, energized voice that kept all of us turned on. Rafał was lavishly praised by Chris for his excellent combo of pitch, tone, volume and rate. Chris’s evaluation, though, was a gem itself, setting a very high standard for future evaluators!

Piotr Pióro presented his 8th CC project: Get Comfortable with Visual Aids, titled “Global warming, made in Poland”, evaluated by Iga Korneta. His choice of topic was quite tricky as the audience had expected to hear once again about the horrors of the future world, whereas Piotr ironically praised all the blessings of the Global warming for Poland, by employing some effective Photoshop techniques in his Power Point presentation. Piotr is for sure a skillful photoshopper:)

Anatolii Mykolenko, first time in this role, gave us some fun challenges as Table Topics Master. Good job, Anatolii!

We missed our members who couldn’t be there and hope their vacation plans will allow them to add their wonderful flavor and expertise to our next meeting.

Below two photos of the people gathered that great evening. Spot the difference:)